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QR Codes for Weddings

Spice up your wedding planning skills with QR codes and offer your guests an awesome experience! QR codes will let you share all the details of your wedding celebration, create awesome invitations and much more.

Why using QR codes for wedding planning

Wedding planning requires equal doses of marketing skills and event organization. QR codes will allow you to simplify processes and guarantee guests’ satisfaction, while offering an absolutely satisfying event experience. These are the benefits of introducing QR codes to your wedding planning!.

Allow guests to easily make reservations

Your guests will be able to access all the wedding details —date, dress code, menu, and much more— by simply scanning a QR code sent via email or printed on an invitation card.

The QR code for events is especially suited for this, as it will let you add as much information as possible including a URL to your booking website.

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Share wedding location

As an add-on, you can use a QR code for directions to share the wedding’s venue on Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze.

You can print this code and also share it digitally, so your guests access the fastest route to the event after just one scan. A dynamic QR code will allow you to change location any time.

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Share a highlights video of the celebration

Your guests won’t need to search for the event’s video on YouTube, a you can use a YouTube QR code to share the material in a flash.

This code will help you increase the visibility of the official wedding video among all guests, post-event. You can customize it and make it unique.

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Promote your wedding planning business

You can also trust QR codes to make your business grow and promote your talent. By creating a social media QR code or Images QR code, you’ll be able to grow your follower base, leverage conversions, and turn prospects into clients.

QR codes offer you the chance to connect with your potential clients on almost every social media platform.

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Advantages of a QR code for weddings


QR codes can be customized in color and shape, and can include an image, logo, and a call-to-action.

Scan tracking

You can scan the number of scans, as well as location and device.


You can include several pieces on information in just one code.

How to use QR codes for wedding planning?

The best way to use QR codes for weddings is by connecting the worlds of print and digital. You can print the QR code on any print material such as invitation cards, menus, and more, so guests can scan it and access critical information. This is an absolute win as you can track the number of scans to know how many invitees are engaging with the event.

One key advantage of using a QR code on print is that you can link several pieces of information to inform your guests. You can create a QR code for multiple links and save space in the invitation card —and make it look nice.