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Website URL QR Code

Access any link to any landing page via the website URL QR code with just one scan. Change the URL as many times as needed.

Website URL QR Code

Discover industries already using Website QR Code

From personal use to business use, potential is endless for all industries.


Showcase direction, open hours, services and many more.

Or leverage subscriptions among your prospects by using a website URL QR code.

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QR Code for Gyms

Personal Use

If you’re an entrepreneur running your own business online, use the website URL QR code to take potential customers to your e-commerce site and leverage conversions.

People will be able to order on the spot.

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QR Code for Personal Use


Link to your online Menu and let customers choose their meal faster.

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QR Code for Restaurants

Gaming Industry

Use the website QR code to offer gamers rewards in the game, which they can access via just one scan.

You can improve the gaming experience by allowing them to redeem items and other benefits.

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QR Code for Gaming Industry


Potential customers are constantly looking for more detailed information on a product.

Direct them to your product-focused pages, or leverage upselling opportunities by offering further products or solutions via this code.

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QR Code for Retail

Best Features

The Website URL QR Code will let you engage prospects in a flash!

Open any link on the spot

The website URL QR code lets people access and instantly open any URL, whether it be a landing page or a social media platform link.

You can create this code on’s code generator.

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Open any link with a QR Code

Editing and data tracking capabilities

Dynamic in nature, you can track the number of scans, the location, and the operating system used.

Also, you can edit the website URL QR code as many times as you need by removing, adding, or changing the URLs they link to.

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Data Tracking QR Code


When creating your website URL QR code, you can select from a myriad of shapes, select any color, and add an image, logo, a frame, and a call to action. You can always come back to your dashboard to recustomize it whenever you need.

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Customize QR Code Color & Shape

How to Create a Website URL QR Code

Open Your Account

To start enjoying the benefits of the Website URL QR code, you must create your account.

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Sign Up to

Create QR Code

Once signed up, you'll be redirected to your dashboard, so click on the 'Create QR Code button' and make sure to choose the 'Website URL' QR Code type.

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Create QR Codes

Download QR Code

Right after creating your QR Code, you can choose to download it in PNG and SVG version.

Start your free-trial now and access all the benefits of Website URL QR codes!

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Download QR Codes

Benefits of Website URL QR Code

Lower costs

The website URL QR code can be edited so you don’t need to reprint it.


Since you can always edit the embedded URL, no need to panic if you get it wrong!

Data Tracking

Keep track of how many people scan your QR Codes, from where and on what date.

Extra benefits you'll enjoy with Premium

Manage Campaigns

You can activate, pause and delete QR Codes campaigns whenever you want.

Unlimited Designs

Add Logo, Colors, Gradients and even frames to your QR Codes.

Measure Scans

Keep track of how many people scan your QR Codes, from where and on what date.

High Quality QR Codes

Download your QR Codes in PNG and SVG format in the highest quality.

Team Members

Add your work team to your Premium account and manage the QR Codes together.


Keep your QR Codes organized by creating different Folders.

Have more questions?

Website URL QR Codes are dynamic by default, which means you can change the embedded link as many times as you need!

The unique capabilities of a dynamic QR code can only be accessed by initiating a 7-day trial, with a purchase option.