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Business Page QR Code

Connect prospects and customers with your company contact details. Add the company name, description, email, website, address, opening hours, and social media channels.

Business Page QR Code

Discover industries already using Business Page QR Code

From personal use to business use, potential is endless for all industries.

Real Estate Agencies

Printing a business page QR code on posters, banners, and billboards allow prospects looking for a property to connect with the agency, get to know the services they provide, and contact them very easily.

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QR Code for Real Estate

Law Firms

People looking for legal assistance can immediately get in touch with your company, pay you a visit during the specified opening hours, and get to know your services offer by visiting the embedded website.

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QR Code for Law Firms


Customers scanning the business page QR code will learn about the bank’s opening hours and schedule a visit accordingly.

Anyone looking for credit lines can also access the related information by visiting the financial institution’s website or event call an agent.

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QR Code for Banks


Placing a business page QR code on your job ad can help applicants get all the essential information about the company, such as location, recruitment email, and website.

This way the will be engaged already when you start the selection process!

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QR Code for Workplaces


Provide important store information to customers such as opening hours so they know when to go shopping; store locations so they can pay a visit; email and other contact details to offer them customer service.

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QR Code for Retails

Best Features

The Business Page QR Code will let you engage prospects in a flash!

Share company contact information

The business page QR code helps companies connect with their prospects and clients to offer them contact information.

From opening hours, to address, email, website, and social media channels, this code allows people to connect with your business.

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Share company contact information with a QR Code


Do you want to know how many customers or prospects are connecting to your business page? This QR code will let you track the number of scans, the location, the operating system, and the device used to make critical adjustments to your marketing strategy.

You can also edit the code when needed.

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Data Tracking QR Code

Add your style

When creating your business page QR code, you can customize it and merge it with your corporate identity and visuals, prompting quick associations among your prospects and customers.

You can change the color, the shape, and add a call to action and a logo to give a great impression.

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Customize QR Code Color & Shape

How to Create a Business Page QR Code

Open Your Account

To start enjoying the benefits of the Business Page QR code, you must create your account.

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Sign Up to

Create QR Code

Once signed up, you'll be redirected to your dashboard, so click on the 'Create QR Code button' and make sure to choose the 'Business Page' QR Code type.

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Create QR Codes

Download QR Code

Right after creating your QR Code, you can choose to download it in PNG and SVG version.

Start your free-trial now and access all the benefits of Business Page QR codes!

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Download QR Codes

Benefits of Business Page QR Code

Clever Marketing

Connect with customers and prospects in an innovative and creative way!

One bundle information

One code contains all the key information about your business, so look no further.

Data Tracking

Keep track of how many people scan your QR Codes, from where and on what date.

Extra benefits you'll enjoy with Premium

Manage Campaigns

You can activate, pause and delete QR Codes campaigns whenever you want.

Unlimited Designs

Add Logo, Colors, Gradients and even frames to your QR Codes.

Measure Scans

Keep track of how many people scan your QR Codes, from where and on what date.

High Quality QR Codes

Download your QR Codes in PNG and SVG format in the highest quality.

Team Members

Add your work team to your Premium account and manage the QR Codes together.


Keep your QR Codes organized by creating different Folders.

Have more questions?

Yes, you can. If your company contact information changes, you can edit you code accordingly!

Advertising your company on other media can be very expensive. QR codes offer you a cost-saving method of doing so and connect with your customers or prospects in a way that is innovative and engaging.